The Challenge: Strategy Alignment; The Solution: Leadership Experience; The Results: Alignment with Strategic Goals

Aligning teams around your business strategy is tough for most leaders, but when you have to do this in accelerated way, across multiple geographies and multiple disciplines this becomes even tougher.

the solution:

Using our proprietary blueprint for strategy alignment, we designed a highly participative leadership experience for more than 80 global executives that included:-

  • Key insights from voice of the customer
  • Opportunity to unpack the business strategy and connect functional strategy drivers
  • An experiential process that allowed for creative problem solving and ideation

the results:

Accelerated adoption of the strategy by engaging the right employees and stakeholders at the right time and in the right way. A team that feels involved, engaged and excited about the strategy and how their role can impact the outcomes and success of the strategy. Performance metrics & rewards aligned to strategic goals.