Thu, September 17, 2020

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

We use data to make every other business decision. Why don’t we use data when building our organization’s dream teams?

About this Event

Organizational decision making is often grounded in data. We measure sales results, quality control, time on the manufacturing line, customer satisfaction, and the list goes on. But rarely do we use the same level of sophistication and data for our people.

Within our organizations, we have placed people in roles that aren’t right for them. We have handpicked “dream teams” that couldn’t work together or were ineffective. It has cost our organizations BILLIONS.

The facts are: 70% of change initiatives fail.

Imagine if you knew the right team that would put you in the 30%.

Imagine if you knew the team that would take you to the next level.

Join Audrey McGuckin and guests Cindy Moran & Mike Neal from MVP-Results as they share how you can build your DREAM TEAM: The Strategy Behind the Magic