When you have the opportunity to ask some of the most interesting people on the planet about what digital means to them, the answers are fascinating. This interview is part of an ongoing series that offers real perspectives from real leaders on the ubiquitous topic of Digital.

Erich Hoch is a global business executive with 30+ years experience in the electronics industry. He currently serves as EVP and CEO, Jabil Digital Solutions.

Audrey McGuckin (AM) – Erich, tell me what digital means to you from your vantage point.

Erich Hoch (EH)  – Sure. I think about it in 3 areas. (1) CONNECTED EVERYTHING  – 1.4 Trillionmarket for IOT which by 2020 equals wearables and true mobility enabling action, everywhere, anytime, anyplace. Smart Home, Smart Office, Smart Factory. We’re not going to be alone anymore! (2) It means APPLIED KNOWLEDGE. 30% of corporate audits will be performed by Artificial Intelligence by 2025.  Cognitive Analytics allows real time decisions for optimal efficiency. ROBOTS ARE NOW MAKING DECISIONS VERSUS REPORTING DATA! (3) It’s about SEAMLESS COLLABORATION. 90% of the global population will have supercomputers in their pocket by 2023. This means enabling integration, voice interface, cross platform.

AM – So what implications will this have for your organization?

EH – Acting with speed, I mean Light Speed! Digital transformational changes are just mandatory and change management is super critical! I think about the generational issue impact and 75% of jobs will be held by millennials by 2025.

AM  – What are the considerations for leadership and culture?

EH – I have no question in my mind that the traditional organizational models the we have today are now obsolete. The future is project based. What that means is small agile teams doing everything from design to manufacturing to delivery and customer service . There is no place for silos or a functional management set up anymore. It’s all about applying a start up mentality. Collaboration and influencing takes on a whole new meaning. Technology and real time social media tools will play a significant part of understanding sentiment and influencing decision making.

AM What about culture Erich?

EH – A culture of innovation at the speed of digital is crucial. It’s all about Digital Natives, the future leadership has arrived!

AM – How does this affect you on a personal level?

EH – It drives me to continuously look for opportunities to learn. It drives me to be open-minded to the new and different working environment. It means I have to digest and process more in less time. Very exciting future ahead, keeps me agile and young!

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