Reimagining Your Talent Strategy Through Design Thinking – a workshop brought to you by Audrey McGuckin Talent Solutions!

Design Thinking is a powerful approach to problem-solving. The foundations and core principles of Design Thinking have been in use since the 1950’s. Over the last decade, Design Thinking has seen a profound rise in popularity and use as an organizing model for teams and business initiatives.

Design Thinking is often thought to be most applicable and impactful for businesses whose products and services are, both, consumer-facing and seeking new / innovative solutions. The reality is that, in addition these traditional areas, Design Thinking has a long history and wide following in industries like architecture and medical devices… as well as public sector challenges around the world, like: affordable housing; safe drinking water; public spaces and parks; and traffic patterns and public transportation in major cities.

Of late, Design Thinking has gained significant prominence and growth in less traditional spaces, like:  B2B business challenges, healthcare services, HR/Human Capital communities, IT infrastructure and solutions, supply chain networks and business operations, in procurement and negotiation opportunities, and even in personal relationships.

At its core, Design Thinking is rooted in empathy for the “user” of a product, service, process, environment, ecosystem, organization, or culture. As a result, the term “human-centered design” is also used to describe who should be at the center of problem-solving and solutions. The real value of Design Thinking is beyond that of “just a process”, but also viewed as a way of seeing the world, deeply understanding “user” needs, exploring solutions, influencing team dynamics and behaviors, and solving complex business challenges.

It has become increasingly popular, in recent years, to help business enterprises:

  • see their products, services, processes, culture, and companies through the lens of the “users”, whether consumers, customers, employees, families, businesses, communities, etc.
  • to understand the real joys and frustrations these “users” encounter
  • to see new opportunities
  • to explore ways to bring these opportunities to life and to market, and
  • to reshape organizational dynamics to create new and better ways to work and behave.

In this engaging workshop we will cover the key principles of Design Thinking – applicable to any industry, sector, or stage of company. We will place a distinct focus and emphasis on the application and use of this powerful mindset and process in the Human Capital space. Our approach to the day will use a balance of discussion/dialogue, interactive exercises, case studies and role models, and how-to’s to learn and reinforce the principles of Design Thinking… in this Human Capital arena.

This engaging and interactive workshop will explore:

  • what Design Thinking is…  what it is not…  and what it might be for teams, brands, and businesses;
  • myths, misconceptions, misunderstandings, and common barriers;
  • the principles of Design Thinking – as well as many of the tools used throughout this dynamic process
  • ‘gold standard’ examples of companies who have leveraged Design Thinking principles in their organizations and culture to create exceptional experiences… and who were, then, rewarded with leadership business performance
  • most importantly, how we as business leaders might leverage the principles of Design Thinking to continue to influence our culture and to deliver exceptional experiences (and value) for our respective enterprises… and the way we see and lead in the Human Capital space (including some examples related to talent acquisition, employee engagement, human capital, and succession management)

Come join your peers and colleagues in this experiential program to learn, to share, and to explore how Design Thinking might help raise the bar in your organization.

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Audrey is a Talent Management Leader with 3 decades of practical experience across multiple industries and diverse geographies. John Gleason is a 20+ year veteran of Procter & Gamble. Over the last 12 years, John has worked with more than 120 large corporate organizations, and more that 1,000 creative agencies to deliver Design Thinking as a strategic business capability. Both Audrey and John share a common passion supporting leaders to think differently.