Today marks the first year anniversary of launching Audrey McGuckin, Talent Solutions and we couldn’t be more grateful, exhausted, thrilled and thankful.  As we reflect on our 1st year of serving our clients I thought it would be fun to look back.

I was cleaning through my desk and sorting through some things and found my journals that I began on the first day we launched the business, Every conversation and moment from that day forward is recorded in those pages and I cherish them as the crown jewels and precious gems of our efforts. I will always hold these dear to my heart!

These journals contain important lessons that I will share with you in a series where we will lay our the trials and tribulations of a first year in business.

I also found on my phone of the wall I use for brainstorming. As we shaped the mission and explored possibilities for our business, I spent countless hours ideating and obsessing about how I could leverage three decades of experience for value for our clients. When my mum would visit from Scotland, all the notes that covered the walls in our home drove her crazy. If you asked her what she saw in the first year she’d say, “I could never understand how all this would come together as I looked at all those notes on the walls”.

But countless conversations with my friends, my family and even interesting strangers (who became friends), along with the ideation process helped shape my vision. It was important for me that our company be centered on specific principles:

  1. A culture of that didn’t fear “calling it like it is”  determined above all else to help our clients realize their goals by unleashing the collective power of their people in ways they never knew were possible
  2. Building a team of top talent that were empowered to engage with clients to deliver innovative solutions and get to “what matters most”
  3. Unique approaches to coaching and inspiring leaders to be the best version of themselves and that ultimately make a difference in their lives
  4. Creating a global brand that engages its customers around the world and that maintains a REAL dialogue to create products and solutions that our clients desire
  5. Finally, to create a contemporay company that takes advantage of the power of social media to crowdsource decisions and maintain a finger on the pulse of all of our constituenets by listening in a unique and authentic way

After an exhilarating first year, I am so grateful to be able to say we’ve had many opportunities to realize the dream I had for this company at the onset. I’m so grateful and wanted to take time to say thank you to all of those who believed in us and were uplifting in ways they will never know.

To my clients who collaborated with us – Thank you for placing your trust in us…..even when the path may not have been clear, you still took the ride with us on a course we set out.

To my team – Thank you for jumping on board for this exciting ride.  It has been terrifyingly exhilarating but I’m so grateful I get to do this with an amazing team along with me.

To my husband and daughters – thank you for believing in me and uplifting me every day through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship!


We’re planning to share some of the “moments that matter” in our journey as well as some of the spectacular mistakes we’ve made along the way that have continued to shape the path forward. Stay tuned!

Thank you everyone!

Audrey McGuckin
Founder and CEO